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tPlayer is a powerful and extremely customizable responsive audio and radio player for your website. That can be installed in any wordpress theme, it runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android, Windows mobile or desktop *.


tPlayer supports unlimited number of playlists and each playlist can have unlimited tracks.


tPlayer is one of the most impressive HTML5 mp3 players available for sale.It support self hosted audio files and some other external storage like Google Drive, Amazon S3.. (any public link that plays in browser)


Admin includes playlist creator, where unlimited number of playlists can be created. Powerful shortcode manager provides easy way to format a shortcode and use it in your website.



  • Automatic playlist “Top 10 songs of the week”, “Top 10 songs of the month” and “Top 10 most played songs”
  • Song Details for audio and radio stream (Artist, Title, Cover, Current Time, Duration)
  • Song Statistics in player (Download and Play count) 
  • Download and buy link for each song
  • Social Share option (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr)
  • Playlist repeat
  • Shuffle
  • Open in new window
  • Embed player


Highly customizable

  • Allow/Forbid Autoplay
  • Select “Compact Mode” by default
  • Hide Playlist option
  • Allow/Forbid: Covers, Shuffle, Social Shares, Song Statistics in player (Download and Play count)
  • Default Volume value
  • Enable Playlist Scrollbar within # of tracks
  • Allow/Forbid Cover Search in iTunes for current track (radio streaming only)
  • Plays advertisement audio every –n seconds
  • Change player color scheme
  • 10 Color Themes
  • Responsive and mobile friendly layouts
  • Songs Statistics (minutes played, number of times played, number of downloads)
  • Create a Single Player or a Player with Playlist
  • You can add player at post/page or use as widget
  • Add Songs with Buy or Download links
  • Documentation
  • Compatible with Gutenberg
  • Compatible with Visual Composer Website Builder
  • Compatible with DIVI Builder


Playlist with Buy and Download links

Single Player with Download link

Single Player with Buy link

Single Player

Radio Streams

Admin Options

Our Statistics 








Notes for IOS/Android (restrictions imposed by Apple/Google):

  1. The autoplay will not work because IOS/Android disables autoplay feature and it can’t be controlled from JS
  2. Volume controllers will not work on IOS/Android. You’ll have to adjust the volume with physical buttons of the mobile device
  3. ShoutCast version below 2.0 doesn’t function on iOS 11. Please update ShoutCast server to at least v2.0
  4. Icecast 2.4 kh4/kh5 do not function on iOS 11. Older versions (2.3.3 KH11) and standard Icecast 2.4.1 do function correctly. Please update IceCast server to latest version.


Note for Safari & Chrome (restrictions imposed by Apple & Google):

Starting with Safari 11 and Chrome 66 the autoplay will not work because Apple & Google disabled autoplay feature and it can’t be controlled from JS.


Cookies Note:

This product uses cookies, so you should add on your website the cookie consent notification.


Any questions relating to this project, you can get in touch with me via my user page contact form. If you want to rate this item lower than 5 stars or you notice anything working not correctly, please contact me first and let me know. If I know about it, I can fix it. That way, you can get a better item.

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